Film Makers represented at Illambra

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Andrea Martinez

Born in Monterrey, Nuevo León in 1991. Studied Audiovisual Languages at the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León. Studied a 3 ...

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Andrija Jovanovic (SRB)

Andrija Jovanovic (b. 1982 Serbia). Andrija made his first film the moment he laid his hands on a digital photo camera. His ...

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Anne Breymann (GER)

Anne Breymann is an independent director, puppet maker and animator based in Berlin. Since graduating from the Kassel School...

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Bianca Kennedy (GER)

Bianca Kennedy (*1989 in Leipzig) studied art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and completed her diploma with a Meister...

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Björn Dahlman (SWE)

Björn Dahlman is born in Stockholm, Sweden 1980, Now live on the West cost in the south of Sweden. Went to Öland Documentary...

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Caroline Schwarz (GER)

With a lot of passion for stylized film-worlds, Caroline Schwarz, as a director, is interested in the border between art a...

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Enzo Cillo (ITA)

Enzo Cillo attended the high school of arts in Benevento, continuing his studies in visual arts at the Academy of Fine Arts ...

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Ewa Górzna (POL)

Ewa Górzna (born in 1982 in Poland) is a visual artist working in the field of moving image. She makes short films as well a...

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Frederik Jan Depickere (BEL)

Frederik Jan Depickere (Torhout, Belgium, 1983) is a Brussels based filmmaker whose work flirts with truth, myth and sonic e...

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Giorgos Nikopoulos (GR)

Giorgos Nikopoulos (1987, Katerini, Greece) studied Audio & Visual Arts focusing on animation and performing arts. He ha...

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Jonatan Petré Brixel (SWE)

Born in Sweden in September 1984. The forest, it's mysteries and feeling of home is in many ways the foundation of my work. ...

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Juhani Koivumäki (FIN)

Juhani Koivumäki (b. 1981 in Hämeenlinna, lives and works in Helsinki) had his M.A degree from the academy of fine arts in H...

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Karl Sterner

Released Films 
• Not knowing who you are is a beautiful source of surprises 
• To become a priest 
• Something for...

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​Laura Harrison (US)

Laura Harrison lives and works in Chicago. She makes short narrative animations dealing with people who live on the fringes ...

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Luka Papic (SRB)

Luka Papic is a director and writer, known for Man of Smoke (2017) and Grapevines (2016).

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Mariana Palacios (SWE)

The versatile pianist and composer Mariana Palacios works with the fusion of music and other forms of art. She has composed ...

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Martin Rieznik (ARG)

Martin Rieznik graduated in Film Directing from the Fundación Universidad de Chile (FUC in its Spanish acronym). He also com...

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Matthew Wade (US)

Matthew Wade is a filmmaker / classicallytrained animator living and working in the Pacific Northwest, USA.

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Michael Williams (US)

Born: March 8, 1960 in a small town in Bavaria 
Eduction: Bachelor of Architecture 1985 Ball State University, Muncie, In...

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Michel Mazza

Michel Mazza founded Post Present Future in 2012 as a platform for his diverse skills as filmmaker, video editor, music comp...

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Monteith McCollum (US)

Monteith McCollum is an inter-media artist working in film, sound, and sculpture. His films have screened at Festivals and M...

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Morgan Miller (US)

Morgan Miller was born in New York City. He is the creator of the Twillerama Animation Anthology which screened in cinemas i...

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Pablo Radice (ARG)

He studies Image and Sound Design at the University of Buenos Aires, where he also works at the Audiovisual Media Experiment...

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Philipp Ramspeck (AUT)

Born 1977 in Zell am See, Austria. Raised in Zürich, Switzerland. 1999-2000, short pit stop at the Filmacademy in Vienna in ...

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Ruud Matthijssen & Thijs Gilbert (NL)

Thijs Gilbert is a writer, actor and director from the Netherlands. He writes for television, theatre and works as an actor....