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Illambra is a Film Streaming Platform for Independent Film. We mostly work directly with film makers to ensure that the chain between author and viewer is as short as possible.

Since the revolution of DSLR and consumer computers being able to edit high quality material litterary anyone wiht a camera and a computer can make a good film. The entry point for production budget required for a feature film has been reduced enormously which has opened the film making field in a whole new way. The amount of Art House films produced by individual people and micro companies has exploded. We call these films the Next Generation Art House. 

Our mission is to hunt and scout for the gems of the Next Generation Art House and present them to an audience. At Illambra you won't find million dollar "indie films" with known industry names but you will find gems produced passionately by skilled Artists.

Fair deals

We distribute 50% of the revenue to film makers using a mix between the standard revenue split which is based on time watched and a point system which simply gives each film a number of points for being on the site, regardless of how much it is viewed. This is to ensure that all films receives a fair part of the revenue regardless of popularity. 




Petré Brixel Produktion AB

Roslagsgatan 58, 113 54 Stockholm