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Illambra is a VoD streaming service niched on Art House from Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. Our mission is to make auteur driven film making from less represented regions available to filmfans worldwide. We believe there is both a gap as well as a curiousity for what we want to offer and welcome you to have a look!

Fair deals

We distribute 50% of the revenue to film makers using a mix between the standard revenue split which is based on time watched and a point system which simply gives each film a number of points for being on the site, regardless of how much it is viewed. This is to ensure that all films receives a fair part of the revenue regardless of popularity. We also have a Film Fund that we distribute from annually according to the same system. That way there is a baselevel of revenue for film makers.




Petré Brixel Produktion AB

Roslagsgatan 58, 113 54 Stockholm