Personal, Obscure and Experimental Films


Illambra is an Independent Film Streaming site focusing on Personal, Obscure and Experimental Films, curating films from all over the world. It allows its users to watch films wherever and whenever with an unlimited access to it's content of intense qualitative and obscure films, award winners and selections from various International Film Festivals. 

We run a author driven Streaming site, we believe that it is interesting and entertaining to be able to follow an artists filmography over time and not just consume their biggest titles. We therefore have a section where all our artists are presented and as a user you can access each directors films from their author page.

We do focus on the authors films, those works with a story being told within the work itself. We therefore exclude works in these filmographies such as commercial works, pure art video installations and films too much influenced by institutions.

When building this site and reaching out to film makers we work around an idea outlined here, an idea we try our best to follow ourselves as well.

Secure Streaming

Illambra is hosted through the services of Uscreen, host for thousands of online streaming sites where video content is secured using HLS protocols and using a global CDN called Akamai, allowing to stream to any location in the world, guaranteeing no buffering.

Fair deals

We distribute 50% of the revenue to film makers using a mix between the standard revenue split which is based on time watched and a point system which simply gives each film a number of points for being on the site, regardless of how much it is viewed. This is to ensure that all films receives a fair part of the revenue regardless of popularity. 



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