Film Festival

We have a Festival website dedicated solely to the event:

2nd Berlin Illambra Experimental Film Festival

Salon am Moritzplatz

Entrance: free

Opening: Friday 17.00 with an Exhibition collaboration with Art Gallery Raum für Drastische Massnahmen:

2019's leading banner for our festival is:

"Below the Surface"

- May it be in the physical world or the human psyche, you will find and meet feelings, thoughts, worlds and stories that are always there living their own lifes.

The 2019 film program  is curated around experimental films where some have a stronger focus on rythm, movement and visuals and others their focus on a story being told.  The films are both documentary and fiction. We aim to present Auteur films that invite their audience in to the world that the film maker creates.

Many of the film makers will attend the festival and present their work, we hope that you will join us and them at our festival!


Each screening block is aprox. 1,5hours and there is a 30 minute break between each.

We present the program in two parts :  on friday we will show films that have a stronger narrative and on saturday the ones that have either a vague one, bordering to none at all.