Film Festival

Illambra Independent Film Festival - November 3-4th 2018, Berlin

We're hosting a Film Festival in our hometown Berlin with Film Screenings to welcome new films to the site and to celebrate our launch. It will be an event highlight for us and we hope you wish to join in!

Host will be Il Kino located in Kreuzberg.

Tickets will be available soon! Trailers and info to each program found below, we update as we go.

Saturday 18-20, Short Films

The Southern Right Whale by Kevin Zaouali, 21 minutes, Argentina. Experimental Documentary.

Film Synopsis
A hymn to nature, a cinematographic poem.
A complete sensory immersion in the heart of the Patagonian sea following the life of southern right whales. 
Concentrating on the emotions and details of nature to understand and sensitize.


Twins by Pablo Radice, 11 minutes, Argentina. Experimental Documentary

Available at Illambra! Twins at Illambra

Film Synopsis
The Twin brothers Efrain and Jose are both medics. Where the one is an obstetrician, helping bring babies to the world, the other is a forensic doctor, examining corpses who were victims of violent crimes. A film about identity and extremes, that raises questions about life and death.


Employee of the month by Caroline Schwarz, 11 min, Germany. Experimental Fiction.

Available at Illambra!Employee of the month at Illambra

Film Synopsis
A mysterious film-team accompanies Mr. and Mrs. N. during their employment trial-period at the chewing-gum-sorting-department, where they learn that: one bowl always remains empty.

Two actors in four roles play and reflect upon the underlying focus of the film, namely: routine. In the process of modernity, people are involved less as individuals in conflicts, and more as representatives of a system. Using improvisation, this experimental mockumentary develops its narrative through role-switching, interviews and an abstracted world in order to humorously point out how nurtured principles and predisposed hierarchies present themselves as self-discipline within individuals.


Grapevines by Luka Papic, 19 min, Serbia. Documentary

Available at Illambra!: Grapevines at Illambra

Film Synopsis

 Sale is a 12 years old boy left by parents to spend summer in Vrbas with his uncle, a karate coach and a hunter. 
There is not many people left in the town during summer, but all of them are much older than Sale. They all feel responsible to explain him things about life and act smart teaching him about the world of grownups that awaits.  

But for Sale present is simple: nature is still, parents are absent, people talk, animals are in the fields and karate is a routine.


Saturday 2030-2200, Feature Film

The Ox by Giorgos Nikopoulos, 67 minutes, Greece. Experimental Fiction

Film Synopsis
The aged inhabitants of an imaginary land are going through a tough test. As they are only peasants, they are forced to transform their earth into a golden kingdom by adding a magic fertiliser to their crops. Secluded from any social interaction they can do nothing but accept the commands ordered by the power. The only one who resists? A little girl free from the fear dominating the entire kingdom... The overturn has already begun.


Sunday 18-20, Short Films

Bite by Adriana Barbosa, 25 min, Brazil, Documentary

Film Synopsis
Bite is a filmic reverie in homage to the writer-gravedigger Tico, who in a marginal life, searches for an aesthetic and political inspiration. A cinematic response to the written words, a filmic reverie about the reflections brought up by the character. Thus, "Bite" is also a film about memory, which brings to the fore not only the agonizing trajectories of remembering, but also its political force, of resistance, which insists on reinventing everyday life and seeking lost senses.


Memories wrapped in paper planes by Antonia Rehnen, 12 min, Netherlands. Experimental Fiction/Documentary

Film SynopsisOld black and white films form backdrops for animations, which, accompanied by the spherical sounds of the band Kinetophone, reveal scenes that resemble a daydreamscape. Like thoughts that either appear and disappear fleetingly, or linger for a little while, the film sequences are lined up: 
In the turmoil of the city, a red curtain opens upon a winter scene of skaters on frozen canals shadowed by paper snowflakes.

In Memories wrapped in paper planes ruminations of time and memories seem to wander.It visualizes the reuse of film footage and exploids the inner mindscapes of the artist, which together, display the human mind as a limitless terrain of discovery. 


Floating Room by Michel Mazza, 5 min, United States. Experimental Non Narrative.

Film Synopsis
Rising water...A floating room ...A meditation on the beauty of destruction...what is left after we depart ...


Limbo Weeks by Bianca Kennedy, 8 min, Germany. Experimental Stop Motion

Available at Illambra! : Limbo Weeks at Illambra

Limbo Weeks is a Matryoshka doll puppet of a film. Layers inside layers, mothers hidden inside mothers, giving birth to even younger mothers, the sculptural themes are like interwoven skins of a slowly peeling onion. Bianca Kennedy stages the plaster and bronze figures of sculptor Fabian Vogler inside intricately detailed miniature sets, depicting a very peculiar state of human development: The short time frame of seven weeks, where nature hasn't decided on a specific gender for its fetus yet. 


Little Red Giant - The Monster That I Was by Laura Harrison, 13 min, United States. Experimental Animation

Available at Illambra! : Little Red Giant - The Monster that I was at Illambra

Film Synopsis
An unhinged artist goes berserk at an academic's barbecue and winds up in jail. A story about transformation through trauma.


Staying in Berlin during the Festival

For accommodation during the festival, we recommend our guests to book a stay at Human Hotel, a curated travel network for people active within the creative field. For more information and to book a stay, visit their website: