All creations comes from a source within the artist, and our quite ambitious aproach is that we want it to come from THE source, that place you cannot reach by taking shortcuts or getting into through the backdoor. That place we all know when we see it but cannot systematically define from outside.

Anything can be found in this source, anything. And you know if your work comes from there or if you faked it, you know this on instinct and other people know this too. No PhD or CEO title will help you, and no lack of position can stop you. Life experience hopefully will be a path from which you tell more stories in different shapes from that very source as you explore it more and more.

There are no sections for contemporary relevant topics, film as an artform, as a means to express and investigate is what we work around. We do not host Avant-garde, Independent, Obscure or Experimental films for the sake of them being "different". A blockbuster hollywood romantic comedy is equally qualified as an obscure independent experimental investigation of sound, the deciding factor is the source from which it is created.

In the lack of a better word, love. You can't fake it, you can't analyze, provoke or persuade your way to it and you cannot victimize or praise yourself into a position where people must love you because of your position – there is one way only and that is for you to walk through that door yourself and tell people what you found. Not what you wanted to find or what you think others want you to have found, but what you really found. May it be pretty or disqusting, happy or furious.

Films found in this place is what we aim to present, regardless of style or content. We search films from all places in the world which is both a rewarding and exhausting job.

Screaming out anger, whispering sexual arousment or joking out anxiety. Quietly following events in a distance or loudly portraying a flamboyant scenario, people are different and create different things. 

The door is always there for everyone to step through, always.