243 - Ein Stiller Mann

20 min, Switzerland. This film is an audio-visual trip and a sort of diary of the year it was made in. The film is cut from hundreds of ultrashort filmclips while each clip keeps it's original sound. So the soundtrack is mirroring the images throughout the film!  I made this film between 4.3.013 and 29.7.014. Mostly during nightshifts at a local hotel in Zürich, Switzerland.

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Philipp Ramspeck (AUT)

Born 1977 in Zell am See, Austria. Raised in Zürich, Switzerland. 1999-2000, short pit stop at the Filmacademy in Vienna in Directing. 2001-2013 Independent Film maker and Night Portier at a Zürich Hotel. 2013- Exclusively Independent Film maker.

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