4 min, Germany. Dear Tub,
sometimes I like you really much, for example after a rainy exhausting day or to calm down while reading a magazine, but on other days I do not like you at all and it would be for the best if you just vanished. Why cant you do me a favour and hold back these awful memories?

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Bianca Kennedy (GER)

Bianca Kennedy (*1989 in Leipzig) studied art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and completed her diploma with a Meisterschüler-degree (2017). Scholarships have brought her to North America, Barcelona, Athens and Tokyo. Kennedy's animations, drawings and site-specific installations were shown at Kunstverein  Munich, Kuandu Museum Taipei, C-Gallery Milan and Colombo Art Biennale in Sri Lanka among others. In her analytical stop motion animations she depicts the human abyss and works regularly on  photographies and drawing series where she stages self-created miniatures.

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