Deeper than the Ocean

8 min, Sweden. Klemens is a young man who walks out alone to find himself. He is disillusioned and bitter after spending time among "alternative" people. The protagonist in the film is a mix of a screwd version of the director himslef and people he met, equally share irony and severity. The film is as fictional as autobiographical. It  is a mirror of our era, our desperate pursuit of genuineness and belonging, which ironically leads to loneliness and conformism.

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Björn Dahlman (SWE)

Björn Dahlman is born in Stockholm, Sweden 1980, Now live on the West cost in the south of Sweden. Went to Öland Documentary film school in 2004, and a decade later studied cinema and art theory at Halmstad university. With a Degree off Bachelor of Arts.

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