Employee of the month

11 min, Germany. A mysterious film-team accompanies Mr. and Mrs. N. during their employment trial-period at the chewing-gum-sorting-department, where they learn that: one bowl always remains empty.

Two actors in four roles play and reflect upon the underlying focus of the film, namely: routine. In the process of modernity, people are involved less as individuals in conflicts, and more as representatives of a system. Using improvisation, this experimental mockumentary develops its narrative through role-switching, interviews and an abstracted world in order to humorously point out how nurtured principles and predisposed hierarchies present themselves as self-discipline within individuals.

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Caroline Schwarz (GER)

With a lot of passion for stylized film-worlds, Caroline Schwarz, as a director, is interested in the border between art and fiction-film. Her short film “Doors of Perception” - a film shot only with Uv-lighting, won the “People’s Choice Award” at the Humboldt International Short Film Festival, “Jury Award of Recognition” at the Transilvania Shorts, received “Honorable Mention” at the AMARCORD Chicago Arthouse Television and Video Festival and was named “Best Experimental Film” at the Black Sea Film Festival and the Bucharest International Shortfilm Festival. Her last shortfilm „Employee of the month“ is currently travelling international Film-Festival's, while Caroline is working on her first feature-film „A deeper high“, supported by the mentorship of Axel Ranisch. In octobre she started her post-gradued studys at the KHM in cologne.

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