Hybrid by Bianca Kennedy

10 min, Germany. With good cause research focuses on the investigation of plant intelligence: Striking survival and defense strategies with complex signal and communication systems can be observed in flora as much as in fauna. What would be the consequence, if humans, animals and plants became one species? Bianca Kennedy and Felix Kraus have invented a scenario as such in their film HYBRID (2014). Can these composite creatures benefit from their new abilities? Which conflicts will arise, if photosynthesis is  refused or the eating of salad is punished for cannibalism? With a  female voice-over, the film tells the personal story of a hybrid who after several transformations reflects on inner conflicts, but also violent confrontations between humans and hybrids. The interior  monologue becomes visualized in bright as well as dark images, which  seem to be familiar and likewise eerie. 

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Bianca Kennedy (GER)

Bianca Kennedy (*1989 in Leipzig) studied art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and completed her diploma with a Meisterschüler-degree (2017). Scholarships have brought her to North America, Barcelona, Athens and Tokyo. Kennedy's animations, drawings and site-specific installations were shown at Kunstverein  Munich, Kuandu Museum Taipei, C-Gallery Milan and Colombo Art Biennale in Sri Lanka among others. In her analytical stop motion animations she depicts the human abyss and works regularly on  photographies and drawing series where she stages self-created miniatures.

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