9 min, Italy. Light night is a project that belongs to a series of works on the topic of the darkness. What is left in the photographs and the remains of the statues become mainly the trace of that presence, the shadows. As documents found, they are a snapshot in time, a test of existence, debris orbiting in space. The branches and the stones are isolated fragments, icons in the dark.

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Enzo Cillo (ITA)

Enzo Cillo attended the high school of arts in Benevento, continuing his studies in visual arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. The video is for him a way to get in touch with something more deep and hidden. At the core of his research there is the topic of light and shadow, and the constant questioning of the invisible image that exists between those two elements. His works are displayed at various international museums and festivals. He currently lives and works in Rome.

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