13 min, Sweden. In the midst of a dance that sounds and a music that moves, the earth trembles between manifestation and concealment, between search and encounter. Synthesis of time, cycles that extend, stripping themselves in a curved space line. The lull and the response of an inner forest that is declared in the chant, in the body, in its own return.

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Mariana Palacios (SWE)

The versatile pianist and composer Mariana Palacios works with the fusion of music and other forms of art. She has composed for several plays, and performed concerts from classical to modern music. The other driving passion for Mariana, dance, has led to her collaboration with a variety of national and international dance companies over many years. In Mariana’s most recent venture, the dance film SERES, she reaches her potential as artist by creating “visual music art”. She is not only the director of the project, but also the producer, composer, and performer.

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