The Exchange” is a science fiction short film. The story begins as the sun sets and night takes over a desolate place where we see nothing but an abandoned house. Inside the house, a homeless man has taken up residence and sits slumped over, quietly eating a meal from a tin can. Suddenly, a strange light shines through the door frame of the house along with the appearance of two strange figures which fill the homeless man with fear. The figures are carrying an unconscious man in a business suit and a gun. They have come to make their exchange…

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Michel Mazza

Michel Mazza founded Post Present Future in 2012 as a platform for his diverse skills as filmmaker, video editor, music composer and sound designer. With a background in the visual arts and music, Michel views post production as the ideal field to put all his creative and technical skills to use.

For more than 15 years, Michel has been immersed and has become well versed in many aspects of post-production from video editing, music composing, sound design, audio editing, motion graphics and color correction. Michel’s attention to detail, vast technical knowledge and creativity give him the tools necessary to help his clients achieve their projects maximum potential. 
Some of Michel's clients include: Discovery Channel, ABC’s “Extreme Makeover’s Home Edition”, Cooking Channel, Food Network, Cartoon Network animated series “Robotomy” and TV spots for Sony Playstation.

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